Our tailored A1/G1 leather Jackets

Upgrade your wardrobe this Fall with leather.

A1/G1 jackets are one of the most popular leather jackets due to its masculine style and practicality.  With roots in military history, they have long been popular as a wardrobe item. 

Combining our expertise in tailoring, we're proud to showcase our modern iteration of these flight jackets. 

The leathers are sourced directly from Italian tanneries and we are working with a group of experienced local artisans to provide jackets of the highest quality. 

Mix and match with dozens of colours, leather material (including goat, calf and swine) and linings to create a unique jacket that is truly yours. 

For those who know our ethos and our obsession about well-fitted garments, all our leather jackets come with a fitting session to ensure a great fit. 


The jackets are currently available as a tailored item for local customers. We will soon be introducing them to our international clients as well. 

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More to follow.