Summer Suit Promotion

【Summer Suit Package】
- until 30/9/2021

August is the hottest it gets here (according to HKO) - that’s why we have selected two open weave fabrics for our summer promotion!

Coarser, more breathable wools, that when combined with a half-lining construction, makes the 30+°C days a bit more bearable! With less of a sheen to them than worsted wool fabrics, these suits will be easier to dress down or wear as separates too!

Selected fabric collection
-Hardy Minnis's Fresco III
-Dugdale Bros & Co's New Fine Worsted

For $6,880 you will get
- a Bespoke Suit (Jacket and Trousers)
- 2 Linen Shirts
- a Refinery pocket square
Customers who purchase this package can also enjoy the following discounts
+$1000 for two more Cotton-mix /Pure cotton/ Linen shirts
+$980 Quest Cotton Chinos
+$1580 VBC Trousers/ Waistcoat

Feel free to dm us for more info!

- 優惠由即日至30/9/2021

由即日起,指定Open Weave系列布料將會進行優惠價格推廣,務求令大家能夠紳士地度過炎夏。

-Hardy Minnis’ Fresco
-Dugdale Bros & Co's New Fine Worsted


凡惠顧此優惠,均可免費獲贈亞麻布料訂造恤衫兩件(原價$1,400) 和Refinery pocket square 一條 及以優惠價加購以下產品
+$1000 混棉/ 全棉/ 亞麻恤衫兩件
+$980 Quest Cotton Chinos 一條
+$1580 VBC Perennial 西褲一條/ 馬甲一件

Open Weave是指紗線之間留有更多空間,加強布料的通風、透氣性。而來自英國品牌Hardy Minnis的Fresco和Dugdale Bros & Co的 New Fine Worsted 就正正是Open Weave Suit布料的不二之選。相同於傳統西裝精紡布料,Open Weave 面料同樣是由純羊毛紗線編織而成,唯手感則相對較為粗糙。然而,其極佳的透氣性、耐用性、垂墜性與皺褶回復能力,就形成了一股神奇而無可取代的魅力,配合半裡布結構造法,必然是對抗悶熱天氣的最佳良方。

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