is about making quality


We started Refinery because we were frustrated by the lack of reasonably-priced classic menswear.

For many, getting a suit means either buying one that is poorly produced or off-the-rack from a fast-fashion store or facing the daunting pricetags that come with the premium of luxury brands.

Discontent with the status quo, we set off on our dream to prove that classic attire can be made well and priced fairly without compromising the customer's experience.

Strategic store location

Our store is conveniently located upstairs of a busy hub - a stone's throw away from the subway - allowing for a private, personalized, and comfortable experience.

Being upstairs also allows your hard-earned money to be truly invested into the crafting of your clothing.

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Artisans and partners

We seek to continuously discover, support and promote artisans and fabric suppliers from all around the world.

These are individuals or companies whom we believe are, or have great potential to be creating outstanding products that have excellent value for money.


Investing in you

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients

Whichever stage you may be in in your exploration of menswear, our goal is to introduce, develop and enjoy this passion together with you.